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Acid Base Bowl Cleaner:  This is a carefully formulated strong acid for china bowls and urinals.  It easily removes iron and other stains.

Ammonia-Free Window Kleen-R:  An ammonia-free, scent-free, economical water-based glass cleaner.

Classic Soap and Scum Remover:  A powerful cleaning and lifting agent designed to remove soap film and scum from bath tubs, showers and hand basins.

Compact Cure: A concentrated water-miscible degreaser designed to dissolve organic and inorganic soils and odour.

Drain Kleen (Acid): A blend of organic acid and inhibitors to produce a hexothermal action to unclog drains safely and rapidly.

Javel 12 (12% Sodium Hypochlorite):  An industrial easy-to-use effective cleaner and brightner.

Mankind: An excellent grease trap cleaner.  This product is a  natural way to separate fat from water as a grease trap was intended and it deodorizes as it cleans.

Nova:  A concentrated disinfectant cleaner containing a blend of quat disinfectants and detergents. D.I.N. 01904159; P.C.P. 21950

Organic: A non-corrosive, biodegradable, phosphate-free acid that effectively removes iron deposits and other stains.

Porcelaina:  The ultimate all-purpose safe cleaner disinfectant for the washroom and kitchen.  It effectively clings to vertical surfaces.

Spray and Wipe:  A powerful cleaner designed to spray on and wipe off.  It cleans where others fail.
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