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Cleaners & Strippers

Baseboard Cleaner:  A thick, viscous product designed to cling to vertical surfaces, baseboards, stairwells, risers, etc... for effective cleaning.

Citron:  A highly concentrated all-purpose cleaner, which is very versatile on all surfaces.

G.P. Kleen-R:  A concentrated biodegradable cleaner for washable surfaces.  It contains synthetic non-ionic detergents.

Kleen-N-Shine:  A non-ionic synthetic versatile cleaner with abundant suds.  It removes dirt, grease and oil accumulations easily.

Neutral:  A versatile cleaner with ample suds. Removes dirt, grease and oil accumulations.  A non-ionic synthetic product.

No Effort:  A concentrated powerful wax and floor finish stripper, general cleaner and degreaser.

Pine Kleen:  A concentrated all-purpose cleaner.  A blend of synthetic, non-ionic detergents, emulsifiers and soil-suspending agents.

Power Strip:  A heavy-duty institutional cleaner/stripper formulated to be more effective than other cleaners.

Strippit:  A concentrated ammonia stripper that will remove build-up of wax, finish or heavy soils by penetration and then holding the soil in suspension for easy removal.

  A scent-free, highly concentrated, effective winter maintenance product.

Terminator:  A contemporary scent-free formulated stripper for removing ultra-high burnished thermoplastic floor finishes.

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