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Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers

Au Naturel: This is a biodegradable, water-filtration, parts washer.

Bilge Cleaner: A heavy bilge cleaner that thoroughly emulsifies all grease, oil and water, ready for flushing.  It also effectively deodorizes.

Degreaser: An excellent  water-soluble, non-flammable grease remover.

E-Lume: A biodegradable, non-corrosive aluminum cleaner, with no harsh fumes or odours.

The best all-purpose degreaser with a rust inihibitor for added protection when cleaning unprotected metal surfaces.

Industrial Strength Truck Cleaner:  A unique blend of chemical agents that work together to remove concrete from trucks, tools, construction equipment, etc.

Marine Kleen: A user-friendly natural organic degreaser that gets the job done fast.  It removes grease, oil and dirt easily.

Safety Dip: A soak tank degreaser and carburetor cleaner designed with safe natural products.  A pleasant fragrance and has a low evaporation rate.

Safety Kleen: A biodegradable organic solvent degreaser.

Solvex 175: It is a non-flammable, high flash point, solvent-based degreaser.  

Tar Off: A biodegradable, non-caustic cleaner for removing tar, oil and grease from hard surfaces.
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