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Carpets & Floors

Carpet Care

Carpet Detergent:  A high quality carpet detergent for professional use in carpet steam extraction equipment.

De-foam:  For use in carpet steam extraction equipment and prevents over-sudsing.

Pre-Spotter:  All-purpose spot and stain remover.  Used as a soil breaker and pre-spotter before steam cleaning.

Rug Shampoo:  A rug and upholstery cleaner.  Use in all shampoo applicators or with a medium bristle brush.  Restores new colours efficiently.
Floor Sealers

First Kote:  A non-flammable emulsion-type sealer, to get ideal results from any wax or synthetic finishes.

Tough Kote:  An acrylic emulsion undercoater and sealer, highly resistant to soil, water, soap, detergent, alkali, grease and oil.
Waxes and Floor Finishes:

Mirror:  A pure acrylic floor finish that will endure.  It will return to its original gloss after buffing.

Pentapolymer Metal Complex: A scent-sensitive pentapolymer metal complex floor finish. 

Wet Look:  A heavy-duty metal cross-linked polymer floor finish for that unmistakable wet look.
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