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Food Processing Cleaners

Acid Foam:  A unique blended acid cleaner, milkstone and mineral remover.  This product is best suited for use in food and dairy plants.

All Kleen:  A liquid cleaner with synergetic cleaning power to remove soils using high pressure.

Alko:  This product is formulated for cleaning in place. Alko contains caustic.  

Chloro:  A chlorinated foam degreaser for use on pressure equipment.  This product also removes baked-on dirt and protein soil and is CFIA approved.

CIP Acid:   Removes stone, lime, scale and soil deposits.  It is also suited to brighten stainless steel.

E-Lume:  A non-corrosive, biodegradable stainless steel and aluminum cleaner, which is hydrochloric, phosphoric and hydrofluoric acid-free.

E.W.L.D.: This product remarkably cuts through grease, sludge, organic soilds, paper, etc., from drain lines while eliminating odours.

Gorilla:  Unsurpassed as a cleaner/degreaser with powerful emulsifiers to lift oil, fat and soil to provide the ultimate in clean.

Kleen-N-Shine:  A biodegradable, phosphate-free, sudsing, extremely versatile cleaner.  This product works in hot or cold water.

Mousse:  A liquid cleaner with synergistic cleaning power to remove soil using air pressure and water.

Phosphate-Free Acid Cleaner:  An acid cleaner designed to remove stone, limescale and soil deposits and to brighten stainless steel equipment.

Scale Off:  A heavy-duty fat and protein remover.

These products have been CFIA approved for the food plant industry.

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